Balloon Foley


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Balloon sound exploration from inflation to deflation and destruction.


Balloon sound exploration from inflation, deflation, manipulation and destruction.

Sounds of air filling, tapping, pulling, stretching, air release with squeaking, flatulence and popping bursts.

Included are designed pitched down effects for that larger than life feel.

Royalty-free for commercial use in film, television, radio, gaming, podcasts, audio books and more.


What’s in the Product?

  • 99 files for about 109 MB
  • BWAV format in stereo 44k/24bit resolution metadata enabled
  • Universal Category System (UCS) standardized naming convention
  • Audio demo as wav and mp3 format
  • Metadata detail sheets
  • Artwork in 4 pixel sizes as 72 dpi jpegs

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